About Us

Dogs are considered to be the most loyal creature on earth so let’s care them with the same loyalty”,  with this enduring motto we have initiated an online point where you can come and meet all your requirements regarding your pet.

Who we are

dogsnepal.com is a passionate venture of a dog lover, Mr. Prabin …….. , who has been dedicated in creating dog friendly environment since the past 10 years. This website tends to create a junction for all the dog lovers across Nepal and develop a better world to live for the dogs.

  • Wellness 80%

  • Vaccinations 95%

  • Training 75%

  • Nutrition 85%

Our mission


Our enduring mission is our roadmap to create a dog friendly Nepali society where each household can have the accessibility with the breed of dog they prefer as well as the products and grooming for their dogs.


We intend to provide our customers with the best online experience of dog dealing creating a place where people can come and discover anything they want to know about the dogs with the procurement to create healthy dog Nepali society.


  • to provide support point to the pet lovers
  • to create easy accessibility to all breeds of dogs
  • to make the availability of dog products, foods and accessories online
  • to create easy access to dog specialists